Advantages of gold investment

What tools are gold used for hedging?
If the investors think that the fund fees are not transparent, or do not understand the operation of the hedge funds and are not willing to invest in the relevant hedging instruments, you can choose to use spot gold investment as one of the methods, because investors can choose to buy or fall.
Advantages of gold investment
  • Permanent value

    Gold is a long-lasting substance, and its value has been internationally recognized. It has played an important economic role from ancient times to the present.
  • Can buy and buy

    In the gold investment, in addition to being able to buy at a low position, the high position can also make a profit at a high position, and the low position can also be profitable. This allows for more flexible operation.
  • Trading at any time

    In a sturdy investment market, it can only have about 4 hours of trading time per day, and the trading hours of the prime gold are from 8:00 am to 4:00 am (Saturday to 3 am). Gold and local London gold trading. The global open market of gold does not have a stoppage and a market suspension, so that the gold market is more secure. The gold is regarded as a resource for preservation. When the local political instability is unstable, or the risk in the investment market increases, the market outlook does not Clear, currency depreciation, inflation is heating up. Investors from all parties will use investment gold as a refuge for funds. The most ideal tool for resisting inflation In recent decades, inflation has caused the country's currency to shrink. Gold will follow inflation and rise accordingly. Gold investment is the best way to avoid being eaten in inflation.
  • International investment vehicle

    Gold trading is an international business. It is an infinite international investment market. Anyone can participate. Anyone can make profits under fair conditions.
  • Flexible trading

    Among the gold investment markets, the market that belongs to T+0 is a market that can be bought and sold immediately. It is not necessary to list or wait for investors to receive the goods to close the position.
  • Leverage trading

    In the investment of gold, you can use a margin type to buy and sell. You only need to have enough margin to buy and sell in the gold market. Investors do not need to use large amounts of money to enter the market to get the same profit.