Trading rules

Open a real trading account in SKY Constant Century, there is a minimum of 0.1 lots can be traded.
SKY Constant Century is committed to providing investors with a low-cost investment environment. In order to let customers get the maximum return at the lowest cost and best service.

(SKY Constant Century) Products London Gold London Silver
Contract Unit (per hand) 100 oz 5000 oz
Lowest price volatility London gold $0.01 London silver $0.001
Trading volume
Minimum trading volume:
Maximum Trading Volume:
London Gold/London Silver Trading Volume A minimum of 0.1 lots in a single transaction; a maximum of 30 lots in a single transaction.
Spread 0.5 USD/ounce 0.04 USD/ounce
Trading margin 2% $2,000
Maintenance margin 100% warning red line, 30% stop out.
Lock Margin Only pays a single hand margin
Locking margin means that if the customer locks a London gold trading order, the trading platform only collects the deposit equal to the customer's first hand. However, when the net value in the account is lower than the number of used advances (used margin), the lock cannot be performed.
Interest on buying and selling Buy: -1.5% ; Sell: -1.5%
Quote unit USD/oz
The minimum gap between pending orders and current price LLG 2 USD/ounce LLS 0.2 USD/ounce
Trading Method Online Trading Platform / Telephone Trading
Trading Hours Beijing Time Monday 7:00 am to 3:00 am Saturday (During Summer Day)
Beijing time Monday 8:00 am to 4:00 am (Winter season)
Settlement time Beijing time 05:00 – 06:00 (summer time)
eijing time 06:00 – 07:00 (winter)
*Payment time trading pause


# Limit order and gap arrangement
When the price is stable: the market price is the same as the commission price (that is, the take profit, stop loss or opening price set by the customer), and finally the transaction is based on the commission price set by the customer.

When the price fluctuates drastically: the market price will be greatly gapped when the market is unstable, and the bid price will be skipped directly. The pending order will be traded at the most favorable and executable price in the market.

Major data (including, but not limited to, non-agricultural and Federal Reserve interest rates, etc.) limit orders (including pending orders and stop/take profit) adjustments: 1 hour before the data is published, all pending orders outstanding will be cancelled, and the limit order for London gold must be 10 us dollars from the market price between one hour before and 15 minutes after the publication of the data. The price limit order for London Silver must be 1 dollar away from the market price, and 15 minutes after the data is published, all price limit orders return to normal. (Regular limit order rule: London gold is $2 away from the current price, London silver is out of the current price of $0.20).

Holiday Margin Requirement: There must be sufficient 100% one standard lot deposit on the market order on Saturday or on the eve of a long holiday. Less than 100% of the company will forcibly close the position based on the margin ratio (calculated with one standard lot). The odds of less than one standard lot will be calculated with the 100% deposit. The margin will be settled by the company. Customers are requested to prepare sufficient funds in their respective accounts to avoid inconvenience.